What formats should I go for?

If you are new to the Edinburgh Fringe and/or are unsure what print formats best suit your show's requirements then the following advice should answer your questions. If you are still unsure after reading the following section then please don't hesitate to contact us. Our staff are very experienced and eager to help.


We recommend 1/3 A4 (DL) portrait or A5 portrait sizes for leaflets as they are proven to be popular with the public and are the best sizes for display in EAE's standard display racks. These are by far the most popular leaflet sizes printed each year. This is also partly due to these sizes offering more space than smaller flyer formats to convey all the required information regarding your show. Leaflets printed in landscape format are not recommended for EAE's standard display racks. A6 whilst suitable for hand-to-hand leafleting is also too small for EAE's standard display racks. We therefore recommend that you only use A6 if you are not using EAE for distribution or for hand-to-hand purposes only.


We recommend A3 posters as the best option for Fringe posters. Portrait i.e. upright posters are most effective. Landscape posters are harder to display and have less impact as a result. Although EAE accept A2 as the maximum size of poster they can distribute, A3 in fact gets better coverage and is cheaper to produce and distribute. Posters are also essential for advertising your show in your host venue and again A3 is generally the preferred size although certain venues do favour A4 instead. We do NOT recommend fly-posting as it is illegal and can result in prosecution of shows or venues by the local council.

We strongly recommend that you also take advantage of the wealth of free and impartial advice available to you from your venue. They are there to help and are just as eager as you are to ensure the best audience attendances for all of your shows.

Summary - this table suggests publicity activities best suited to each print format